About Us


A One International is a Multinational Company having its offices with licenses in China, Hong Kong, Dubai (UAE), and Bangladesh. It started as a startup in 1991. After a long journey, it becomes a well known company. We are doing manufacturing, OEM, ODM, Trading, Out Sourcing, Shipping. Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.


We are striving for excellence in everything we do, driven by a sense of urgency and a wish to meet all your needs. This personal features are our corporate signature.


Transport is committed to ensuring customers’ needs for quality shipping, logistics and truck service are understood and met. We deliver on our promises with precision and guarantee.


We currently strive to open 4 more locations in 3 different countries. By 2017 we want to move to rail, air and sea transport. With that kind of network we will be able to cover global industry.

Mr. Jadab Debnath (Chairman) of the Jadroo Group is a focused and futurist business leader with his commitment. He possesses a strong business and leadership record and has a deep understanding business policy with China, Dubai also Bangladesh. As a business leader he is now one of the Director of Commonwealth of Independent States Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CIS-BCCI).

Jadab Debnath


Luo Huahong (Rolland) is the Managing Director of Jadroo Group. She is the organizer of Jadroo E-Commerce, it is the mirror of Jadroo Group. She is the most dynamic business leader with a successful record with diversified business field in China, Hong Kong and Bangladesh Operations. She is passionate to create new venture, E-Commerce business development and sustainable organization establishment.

Luo Huahong

Global CEO