Philips Emergency downlight EM120B

Philips Emergency downlight EM120B


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Safety is of utmost importance for building owners, and therefore having proper emergency lighting in place is a major concern for them. The Emergency downlight EM120B offers an easy solution for stand alone emergency lighting, that is fully compliant with European regulations. The lithium battery (LiFePO4) has many advantages over nickel based products, as it has a longer lifetime, better discharge behaviour, is produced in a more welfare friendly way and can be recycled. Two interchangeable lenses are supplied with the product, to adjust the beam angle to the application.


Meets European standards for emergency lighting luminaires
Lithium based battery type provides longer lifetime, low self discharge and high temperature tolerance
Welfare friendly solution versus nickel based products as the battery can be recycled


Two interchangeable lens optics; corridor and open area
3 hours emergency lighting with optional self test
180 lm light output caters for typical application areas


Office environments
Corridors and transportation areas


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