Philips EvoKit 2×2 Gen5 LED Light

Philips EvoKit 2×2 Gen5 LED Light


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The Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit Kits are an energy efficient, easy to install solution to upgrade your fluorescent troffers to LED. Compatible with both standard and narrow T-grids, they offer a simple retrofit that will improve the look of your ceiling with its architectural styling without the need to actually break the ceiling plenum. The units also come standard with dimming capabilities, making them perfect for applications such as offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, retail space and more. The Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit Kits offer the latest advances in LED technology, resulting in quality lighting with extremely high efficacies of up to 110 lm/w. Both the 2¹x2¹ and the 2¹x4¹ EvoKit are manufactured with quality components and finishes, meaning a consistent, balanced lighting scheme when using both configurations in the same space. The main diffuser and slanted troffer help reduce glare and create a pleasant, uniform throw of the light. Combine the aesthetics and quality with the ease of installation, and this product can literally transform your space in minutes!


Cost savings: Compared to fluorescent, EvoKit LED retrofit kits are energy efficient and dimmable to help reduce maintenance and operating costs. Connected lighting options help to further optimize lighting-related energy expenses. Additionally, EvoKit is a more cost-effective solution than complete luminaire renovations because of its low price and reduced project scrap, and can be installed in less than five minutes without tools or the need to enter the ceiling space
Efficacy With performance as high as 138 LPW and a lifetime of 70,000 hours, you may reduce your payback period for energy savings and also qualify for rebates
Easy to Install


Philips EvoKit LED retrofit kits are designed to quickly and easily install into existing 2×2 and 2×4 fluorescent troffers
The Evokit Gen 5 continues to offer the appearance of a new luminaire with many options offering a consistent, high level of energy-saving LED performance
Your space can even take energy efficiency beyond LED with our Sensor Ready (SR) models, which enable the flexibility to incorporate a broad range of energy saving connected lighting solutions on a job


Petrol and Convenience


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