Philips High-bay and low-bay Coreline Highbay Gen4

Philips High-bay and low-bay Coreline Highbay Gen4


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CoreLine Highbay Gen4 delivers on the CoreLine promise of innovative, easy-to-use and high-quality luminaires. A reliable, highly-efficient luminaire with a very long-lifetime, it delivers great energy savings and requires less maintenance. At the same time, CoreLine Highbay is very easy to handle. The luminaire can be installed on your existing grid and the electrical connection is a straightforward task, with no need to open the luminaire and an external IP65 connector. With a choice of two beam angles: narrow and wide beam, you can adjust your lighting plan to suit your exact needs. This range also includes Interact Ready luminaires with integrated wireless communications and integrated movement and daylight sensors. So CoreLine Highbay Gen4 is ready to be used with any Interact connected lighting system.


Saves on energy and maintenance costs
Easy installation thanks to single suspension hook and external connector, with additional mounting bracket for more flexibility
Ideal for general application projects, with robust design and a high water and dust-proof rating (IP65)


Long lifetime and high efficiency: 50,000 hours with flux at 80% min. compared to initial level; up to 145lm/W
Choice of beam options: narrow and wide beam
Single point mounting and IP65 external electrical connector
Optional versions available: DALI dimming, integrated wireless connectivity (Interact Ready)
Choice of three products: BY121P, BY122P and BY120P


Interact Ready


General manufacturing
Warehouses and logistical centers
High ceiling lounges
Exhibition halls


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