Philips Luma gen2 Solar Street Light

Philips Luma gen2 Solar Street Light


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Meet your sustainability targets in an easy and fast way. we upgraded your most preferred luminaire Luma gen2 to be powered by Solar energy. Finless design, future-proof architecture, hustle-free maintenance and best in class lighting performance are some of the reasons we are proud of Luma gen2 Solar. Let’s take a deep dive in all the characteristics we worked on to meet your lighting needs.


Compatible with a wide range of PHILIPS Solar sub-systems which include Battery, PV Panel, Charge Controller for both OFF-Grid and HY-Brid power options
Customizable lighting solutions to suit your exact needs thanks to Ledgine – O.
Best in class efficiency and light performance in a broad range of applications
Dedicated light recipes for:
oDecreased light pollution
oOptimal ecosystem for bats
oPreservation of a dark night sky
Improved serviceability thanks to Service tag, a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information
Redesigned cable feed-through for tool-less access to the connection compartment


Dedicated Philips Solar sub-systems like Charge Controller, Battery, PV panel, connecting cables with IP67 connectors enabling faster, safer, installation and maintenance
New cable feedthrough for easy installation
Tilt now with 2,5 degrees precision
Choice of 40+ different beams and option of different internal louvers
Efficacy up to 165 lm/W


Roads and streets
Residential streets


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