Philips UniStreet gen2 Solar Light

Philips UniStreet gen2 Solar Light


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Designed for large-scale projects, our luminaire is the ideal solution for municipalities who seek to meet their sustainability goals. Thanks to its energy efficiency and low initial cost, UniStreet gen2 Solar enables a fast payback and significant energy savings in a short period of time. All, by using the free, abundant solar power. UniStreet gen2 Solar, comes with several different optics and lumen packages customized to fit exact project requirements. Thanks to Service tag, you will enjoy the benefits of hassle free installation and maintenance while at the end of its lifetime our luminaire is ready to be dismantled and recycled. The compact luminaire, using high-quality materials is also easy to dismantle and recycle at the end of its lifetime


Compatible with a wide range of PHILIPS Solar sub-systems which include Battery, PV Panel, and Charge Controller for both OFF-Grid and HY-Brid power options
1 to 1 replacement for conventional luminaires
High energy efficiency
Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
Made of high-quality materials for longer lifetime and minimized maintenance


Dedicated Philips Solar sub-systems like Charge Controller, Battery, PV panel, connecting cables with IP67 connectors enabling faster, safer, installation and maintenance
Wide application coverage thanks to numerous different optics, extensive range of flux and tillable spigot
Easy luminaire identification and hassle-free maintenance thanks to Service tag
Equipped with dedicated light recipes that help with:
1) Maintaining an optimal ecosystem for bats
2) Preserving a dark night sky and reduce light pollution
Increased shock resistance with optional IK09 glass cover


Ring Roads
Cycle paths
Residential areas
Peripheral roads


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