Waterproof IP66 modular flood light

Waterproof IP66 modular flood light


1. Lowcled LED floodlight is a new type of LED lighting source.

2. Compared with traditional floodlights, products developed on the basis of traditional floodlights have high thermal conductivity, low light decay, pure light, and no ghosting.
3. Energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, etc.
4. Universal Constant Current Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.
5. Power factor is ≥0.9.
6. Temperature of Working Condition: -30℃+50℃.
7.50,000 hours lifetime.

 1. Tunnel, Subway, Underground Lighting;
2. Gymnasium, Sports Stadium Lighting;
3. Building, Billboard Lighting;
4. Gas Station, Garage Lighting;
5. Park, Garden Lighting;
6. Workshop, Factory Lighting;
7. Warehouse, Storage Lighting;
8. Yard, Square Lighting;
9. Road, Highway Lighting;
10. Station, Dock Lighting etc.
11. Directly replace the traditional HID light .to save energy.


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